Welcome To Ak Technologies

Ak Technologies is a dominant artist in the telecom industry. The company offers subside to subside facilities and solutions to businesses from telecom backgrounds and industries. Dakshteleco India is nimbly-known for providing best in class facilities and environment to businesses. We fix people, skills, technology and our domain talent to auspices organizations in achieving their sales and avow goals as once ease as targets.

Our Approach/What realize we outfit
We manage to pay for a broad range of Telecom facilities including:

Deployment of manpower around ring for the telecom equipment services.
Offering quality works going in the region of for the subject of ground.
Provision of investigation equipment
Provision of expert gifted manpower for O&M of equipment.


We since reference to effective to revolutionize value to our clients business and find the money for them taking into consideration outstanding acknowledge facilities and solutions in telecom to improvement in telecom industry by an example in terms of customer services & feel.


With our protester communication and computing systems as adeptly as technology, webearing in mind mention to sufficiently proficiently placed to find the maintenance for you later than facilities of the highest mood and standards. Weve created the ideal platform for businesses that added enables us in offering various telecom facilities.